Stokke Xplory – The best stroller for baby

Stokke Xplory – The best stroller for baby

The Stokke Xplory

OMG! We love the STOKKE!!

If you are searching for the ultimate stroller for your new baby, I highly recommend the Stokke Xplory Edition. This is the Rolls Royce of Strollers. I have been through strollers both cheap and expensive, yet, this is the one that I simply love.

It certainly helps that my kids, as little as they are – appreciate the comfort.

First Impressions

This stroller is very Urban. You will want to take your kid everywhere in this stroller, I promise you! Everything is so simple.The workmanship and quality is what stood out for me at first inspection. You really do notice that this stroller wasn’t cheaply put together in some chinese factory. I also appreciate the design elements, which were well researched.

The Pro’s

  1. This is an unusual stroller – The design is simple, sophisticated & certainly on trend.
  2. An array of colors to choose from – You can customize the look of this stroller even after you purchase, which is amazing – as I get bored rather quickly. If you decide on having more kids, you can change the color of this stroller. Blue for boys and pink for girls?
  3. All Stokke products are made in the Netherlands.
    The quality is on another level – You instantly notice the stitching, the details, the workmanship – This looks totally engineered.
  4. The Comfort – My 10-month-old got into the stroller in the shop itself and refused to get off. Which was a good sign as he normally hates strollers. The seat seemed to be a perfect fit. It was well padded, the crotch strap is wide and doesn’t grab him low down.
  5. All the buckles and clips are strong and easy to use. The shoulder straps are padded as well.
  6. You can add a range of nifty accessories to the stroller (such as a blanket cover, diaper bag, cup holder, parasol, winter kit etc)
  7. There are 5 recline positions – You don’t get this option with other strollers. The Xplory easily morphs into a feeding chair if we are dining out or having coffee. If we happen to be out later than expected – I can easily drop baby down and he remains comfortable whilst sleeping in the stroller.
  8. The rear wheels rotate (trust me you wouldn’t care about this – until- you get frustrated with a stroller and wish the rear wheels WOULD rotate!!!) This gives ease of movement when pushing the stroller and going around corners.
  9. The Stokke is really easy to fold and store away – I can manage without the hubby easily.
  10. Its got a zipper at the back of the hood which lets in fresh air – So even if the hood is up and I have a blanket over the front – baby still has breathing space
  11. This stroller came with a cute mosquito net and a rain cover – Which is brilliant!
  12. I love that it’s really easy to clean and maintain. Very important if you have a messy kid like mine.
  13. You don’t have to buy the newborn carrycot – This stroller comes with a wedge that is so magnificently designed for a newborn baby that you really don’t need the carry cot.
  14. The best feature is that baby can be facing me or away from me. This is the reason I wanted the Stokke in the first place. Not many strollers have this feature and I think it’s rather important.
  15. The height of the stroller can be easily adjusted, as can the handle. This helps me majorly as I suffer from pain in my lower back quite often. I like that I don’t have to constantly bend down to attend to the baby. I simply keep him at a level that is comfortable for me.

tz-434_3z_780d939a-1520-41e5-867c-92f259b3a257The Con’s

  1.  It’s obviously very pricey – I paid R16 000 in 2015 from Kids Emporium in Kwa Zulu Natal.
  2. All the accessories are available – but all at a price. Every add-on will cost you – Sort of like adding extras to your Mercedes Benz!
  3. It is big & it takes up a lot of boot space contrary to what the salesperson will tell you.
  4. There really is no place to hang your shopping bags on this stroller. A beautiful shopping bag is located at the base of the stroller. It can be used to store your wallet and other mommy essentials.

Consider adding on…

  1. The cup holder – I don’t use it for my latte but rather for babies bottle. It’s just so convenient.
  2. The Diaper Bag – To keep nappies, wipes, change mat etc.
  3. The sibling board – If you have an older child – This is the best way to keep them out of the stroller and occupied. They can basically ride along with the stroller on this board. It’s sort of like a “safe” skateboard. So you can keep both kids happy and close to you while shopping.



Important Information

Stroller Weight: 12.1kg

Suitable: From birth to 15 kg

Seat recline? Yes, five positions

Folded size: H45 x W108 x D57 cm


My Final Verdict

The pro’s definitely outweigh the cons. I have never had any regrets about buying the Stokke Xplory.

Yes, It was a lot of money to spend on a stroller -but I still think it was a great investment. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Take into account that we use this stroller EVERY SINGLE DAY – to feed baby, to push him around the park, for long strolls in the garden and to get him to fall asleep.

It also makes our life very easy when traveling. We get lots of stares & compliments from random people all the time. People that don’t have a clue about baby strollers comment about how lovely it is, how expensive it looks and how they would love to have a baby again just to have a stroller like this 🙂 Talk about eye candy! This stroller makes such a statement.

If you are ever on the market for a Stroller – Let it be the STOKKE XPLORY – It’s really THAT amazing!

Where to buy from?

If you would like to find a retailer in your area – please contact Born Fabulous in South Africa – here is the link to their website

Please note that I was not paid or sponsored to do this review and I was not sent any products from Stokke or their distributors This is my own, unbiased review.


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