Sandton City has a new “Fun District”

sandton city new level fun district


More often than not, our three & four-year-old sons decide where we will be spending our weekends as a family. Quite frankly, if the kids are not happy – none of us will have any sanity during a visit to the mall.

In South Africa, we are very limited to “play areas” and we have been around the country in search of serious fun.

You can only imagine how delighted I was to hear about the construction of the new level at Sandton City – quite appropriately named “Fun District”. This upgrade has cost a staggering 90 million rand and has just positioned Sandton City as the ultimate playground for the entire family. Our family will definitely be in attendance at the launch of this brand new level on Saturday this week.

This major investment in Sandton City has been driven by innovative, research-backed strategies and I think its a great way to enhance the overall experience at Sandton City, I love shopping at Sandton City and now my kids have so much to look forward to (while I shop, of course!)

The new attraction will feature the first Hamleys World in South Africa, and the store will be the country’s largest Hamleys store by far, at 1,903sqm. The Finest Toy Shop in the world will continue to bring smiles and laughter to children with never-before-seen experiences and activations at its new Sandton City store, including a slide for children to ride straight into the store, and a carousel in-store. How crazy cool is that! God, I wish I were 6 again! Why didn’t we have all these amazing things in our childhood.


Sandton City’s new family fun level will add an exciting dimension to the ultimate shopping experience on the continent, including a sizzling new San Antonio flagship Spur, offering mouthwatering meals and a Halaal menu for the entire family to enjoy. This 280 seater will not only offer burgers, ribs, and steaks but state-of-the-art kids entertainment, including arcade games, football, an ice-hockey table and a modular play area. With a range of other entertainment experiences and activations, including South Africa’s favorite specialist gaming store BT Games –  opening up their latest retail outlet.



Hamleys - Fun District
Come and experience the first HAMLEY’S WORLD in South Africa & the largest Hamley’s store in the country



Sandton City’s new family fun spectacular will come to life in its completely revitalized cinema level, which already offers Sandton City’s 11-screen Ster-Kinekor cinema complex including Cine Prestige, 2D, and 3D experiences. They will also introduce their own spectacular new experiences at Sandton City, including South Africa’s very first kids-only cinema theatre.

Speaking of firsts, Sandton City’s refurbishment of the entertainment level will also introduce City Cam, another first for a retail space, showcasing unique content for Sandton City’s Youtube Channel. City Cam will create an unforgettable spotlight experience for children and their parents visiting Sandton City, as part of the buzz and exciting build-up to the launch of the Fun District, where entertainment journalist Taryn Louch will interview Sandton City’s kids on camera, sharing their “In The City” experiences.

As you all know, My Four-year-old, Ziaan, has just started vlogging and was so thrilled to learn about the new City Cam concept. Perhaps I will resort to strapping a go pro to his head to capture content for his newly found youtube channel.

My boys are pretty keen on playing dress up too! If they dress up as their favorite Hamley character and join the Hamleys parade this Saturday – They could win a R4000 Hamley’s Hamper.



Please join in all the excitement at Sandton City’s  Fun District launch on Saturday 21st April at 12pm; kicking off at Nelson Mandela Square with the Hamleys Parade, led by the ringmaster and accompanied by an abundance of Hamley’s beloved characters, as well as the CityCam crew. Kids of all ages are encouraged to dress up as their favorite Hamley’s character and join the parade to stand a chance to win a R4000 Hamley’s hamper.

My sons favorite Nickelodeon characters will be there too. They are pretty hardcore Paw Patrol fans and will never pass up an opportunity to meet the pups.


Nickelodeon - Paw Patrol

Nickelodeon Meet and Greet Schedule – Saturday 21st April 2018

13h30 – 14h00 Shimmer and Shine

14h00 – 14h30 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Raphael and Michelangelo

14h30 – 15h00 Paw Patrol – Chase and Rubble

15h00 – 15h30 SpongeBob SquarePants

15h30 – 16h00 Paw Patrol – Marshall and Skye

16h00 – 16h30 Kate and Dora

16h30 – 17h00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Leonardo and Donatello


I hope to see you all at Sandton City this weekend!





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