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I am humble enough to know that I am not better than anybody else but wise enough to know that I am different from the rest.The higher we are placed...the more humbly we should walk.Thank you @sundaytribunesa for the beautiful interview___________________________________________________#charity #humanitarian #interview #socialupliftment #outreach #love #poverty #feedingscheme #npo #ngo #nonprofit #blogger #sablogger #southafricanblogger #indian #philanthropy #philanthropist #kwazulunatal #travel #vlogger #mystory #capetownwatercrisis #waterblogbox


I am humble enough to know that I am not better than anybody else but wise enough to know that I am different from the rest. The higher we are placed…the more humbly we should walk. Thank you @sundaytribunesa for the beautiful interview.

Here is the unedited version of my interview below… 🙂





Name Ria Algoo

Age 31

Day Job – Social Entrepreneur & Blogger

Home is… Was and always will be Durban


Best place for a first date in the city?

Book the entire La Vue Floating Restaurant – Not for the food, but definitely for the most beautiful views. It’s very romantic


What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in Durban from out of town?

An aromatic soak in a bubble bath – not with champagne but with a cup of Five Roses Tea! I have had so many blends of Ceylon tea in different countries – But nothing comes close to Five Roses. A South African treasure!


Best meal you’ve had in Durban, that’s not at home? One of two: The Masala Dosa at Little Gujarat in Prince Edward Street or Lamb Chops Chutney & Roti at TSD in Springfield (No ambiance or tasteful décor – Uhmm…well you not paying for it – but brilliant food every time!)


What local song (besides yours) can’t you stop listening to?

Nadia Jaftha – Paradise – It’s such a catchy tune.


What’s the last South African movie you watched?

FREE STATE by Sallas De Jager – Very beautiful movie indeed!


And the last stage play?

Last time I visited the playhouse, I watched local dancer Manesh Maharaj doing a brilliant kathak solo


When was the last time you attended a music concert/festival and who was performing?

Two weeks back, Arijit Singh at the Durban ICC


The earliest memory you have of Durban?

Visiting the flea market at point waterfront with my parents and holiday adventures with my cousins at Village Green, Waterworld, Newtons… ah, such fond memories!


So if you were Mayor for the day, what would you do? Well I cant do much in one day, You have to give me a longer term 🙂 On a serious note – I would go all out to empower & educate our young minds and really focus on the youth because that is the only way forward. The old trees are somewhat bent. If a nation can change their thinking, everything will fall into place


Your favorite hangout spot in Durban? The Oyster Box

The best-kept secret in the city? The Spice Emporium (Indian street food)

The best place to let your hair down? Obviously, Sixtythree Hairstudio!

Who do you call when you want to have fun and where in the city do you go? My husband is always on speed dial. After the kids are put to bed, we start with a coffee on Florida road, a scenic drive along the beach – dinner at Bel punto and we normally end of with meeting friends for drinks at Lucky Shaker.


Your favorite coffee shop? You are probably expecting me to say Starbucks. But for really good coffee, I head to Stretta Café in Hillcrest


Favorite Durban shop to shop? That’s easy, Spice Emporium! While you are there, Please try the delicious street food


Florida Road or Helen Joseph Road? Which one is better? Always Florida!


Umhlanga Village or Gateway Umhlanga?

Umhlanga Village doesn’t have enough retail therapy for me yet ..until then, I will have to choose Gateway.


Which is your favorite market in Durban?

I Heart Market at Moses Mabhida Stadium


Which building in Durban would you like to own? The Durban City Hall – built in the early 1900s, it’s almost an exact replica of the Belfast City Hall in Northern Ireland. I always marveled at the architectural elegance of Durban City hall – It stands strong and forceful during the day and when the warm lights are switched on the building transitions to something so beautifully soft, whimsical and romantic. I am always in awe.



Which building you’d like to be locked in overnight?

Please lock me up in the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga overnight, I just need sleep and so much of it. Motherhood & Jetlag is a crazy combination. I burn out so easily.


What’s the one thing people need to stop doing in Durban?

Leaving Durban and going to Johannesburg! I don’t get it because they still come back every few months for our beautiful beaches, authentic food, and our warm Durban hospitality


Where is the best view of Durban?

Get on a helicopter and you will be amazed to see how beautiful Durban really is..you will see everything – the beaches, the city, and even the dolphins! Definitely the best view of Durban!


Best place for a nightcap?

Ginos Rooftop Bar with breathtaking city and harbor views.Situated above Roma Revolving Restaurant.


What’s the one thing that differentiates Durban from other cities in SA?

It’s hard to miss the Indian influence in this city – Everything from the cuisine, the festivals to the people. It’s also pretty authentic because the Indians in South Africa are so different from Indians in India.


Where would you suggest first-time visitors to the city go, to get the best experience of the city?

Stroll 150 meters into the sea for a drink at MOYO and a warm African welcome!


So what do you do on a Sunday morning?

I normally put the kids in a bath outside and let them splash around with bath bombs from LUSH. My husband and I are more chilled and we to like cook and eat breakfast together while we watch over our boys in the garden.




Ria Algoo




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