Nicci Boutiques AW18 Launch at Hyde Park Corner

You don’t just go to Hyde Park Corner for shopping – you go there for a full immersion into fashion & lifestyle. The luxury retail space played host to the Nicci Autumn/ Winter 2018 Launch last week, and I had the pleasure of attending.

As you know, Johannesburg has a sophisticated fashion culture – bold colors, big ideas, and luxury styles. The city of gold is rife with examples of trendsetters and trailblazers. Since 1992, Nicci Boutiques have been at the forefront –  showcasing a spectacular array of clothing and accessories.   It comes as no surprise that Nicci has become an influential destination for anyone and everyone who cares about fashion in the city.

Hyde Park Corner
Hyde Park Corner

At the launch, Nicci Boutiques showcased embroidered offerings, floral designs, double denim, metallic jackets and a Pantone palette of greens, greys, pinks, and burgundy; as well as a host of fun accessories and handbags. It wasn’t long before I whipped out my credit card and took full advantage of the less 50% offering. I am such a girl!

The #NicciAW18 launch was a stylish blend of all things fashionable. I met some incredible personalities at the event and indulged in some pampering from the generous sponsors. Glampalm went all out to “tease” our hair! The company completely spoilt us by having “Hair Guru” Saadique attend to our tresses. Gosh Cosmetics sponsored makeovers, Dermalogica had equipped a SKINBAR to address skin concerns & The Sorbet Group were on standby to literally take your hands and manicure them indulgently.

All in true “Nicci” style – The Coffee was free flowing and the cocktails were always replenished timeously. Gin and Tonic Popsicles got me to relax and share a few giggles with the guests…While the sensational DJ Poppy entertained us in the background.

Nicci Boutiques - Hyde Park Corner

Whatever your relationship is with art, fashion, or food, you need a visit to Hyde Park Corner whenever you’re in need of fashionable new items for your closet or just overall inspiration. The creative and aloof corner of Hyde Park promises to nourish your soul in the most invigorating way….a way in which only retail therapy can!

Rubbing shoulders in Hyde Park, Now that’s something I could get used to!

Jawed, Ria Algoo & Saadique at the Nicci AW18 Launch
Jawed, Ria & Saadique at the Nicci AW18 Launch

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