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🧿Hard to believe that literally 12 years ago I had not a cent in my pocket... and this month I will find a full page on myself in @forbesafrica - some people benefit from family money and others marry for wealth... I had none of it. I’m so proud to sit here today,on my birthday, with my head high and tell you that I earned everything that I have in this lifetime without taking a cent from anyone. As most of you are aware, I am co founder of a feeding scheme in KZN, and this last week has left me feeling helpless looking at the situation of young girls on the streets in SA. I don’t like to feel helpless, I like to bring about and drive change. After a long and hard discussion with my team, I wanted to mention to you all that I am in the process of implementing a girl fund that will support the education of teenage girls and empower them. If we educate just one girl from a disadvantaged family, no one can take away her education and her power - we will be changing the course of her life forever. Going forward, every time you purchase a glam palm hair tool in South Africa, YOU will be instrumental in bringing change to a girls life. Glampalm will be utilized as the tool for change. The fund will be set up within the next two months and girls can apply online throughout the year. This is my gift to the girls in my country 
Thank you all for always supporting all my efforts (big or small) it’s truly made a difference to many lives πŸ“Έ


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