Dyson Hairdryer Discount Code

Dyson Hairdryer Discount Code

It’s absolutely no secret that I am a huge fan of the Dyson Hair Dryer.

It has changed the way I dry my hair forever. This is the fastest hairdryer I have used in my life. It dries my long hair in 8 minutes flat and that is rather impressive as it saves me a lot of time. I love that it is lightweight, compact and looks very chic & futuristic. The design is so well researched and ultimately its a beautiful accessory to have on your vanity. It is very instagrammable 🙂 for lack of a better word.

I am just keeping this review short and sweet


Would I buy it?


Would I recommend it?

Hell Yes!

How much is it?

It comes with quite a hefty price tag at R6500 –  I do, however, feel it is completely worth the money. It is built to last and I appreciate good quality.

Where to buy it from?

If you are thinking of purchasing a Dyson Hair Dryer –  please use my discount code ( “blogbox” ) to get R150 off when you shop online at www.sixtythree.co.za (@sixtythree_hairstudio on Instagram) They offer free nationwide delivery anywhere in SA




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