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Cape Town is currently experiencing one the worst droughts in recent history which have led to a serious water crisis and will ultimately lead to “Day Zero”. Unless there is some drastic intervention, Day Zero will be upon us in July / August 2018

While most Cape residents can afford to buy water and others are still unaware of the severity, water is not available to all in the region.

It was a heartfelt plea from a mother via my email that really inspired me to send water to Cape Town. More than anything else, she needed water to make bottles so that she could feed her kids and she couldn’t leave the babies and wait in line for a few hours to be rationed. It touched a nerve. I am a mother too and I felt the need to act. God forbid but if I ever reached out to somebody someday, I pray that they will help me. I may turn a blind eye to everyday beggars on the street but I will never turn away from a mothers cry for help.

Anxiety set in and I started brainstorming immediately. I went to the shops, bought water and physically sent it off to the mother the very same day. It was the most fulfilling feeling in the world -To help someone somewhere. Someone I never met and probably never will. It breaks all boundaries …race, religion & blood ties. Why do we only help people we know? do you know why? Mainly because we don’t trust people and their intentions.

The next day …I stayed awake for most of the night. I spent my time researching and found that many others were in need of water but were not “big enough, rich enough ” or whatever the case might be –  to make a noise and get people to notice how severe the crisis actually was.

The very next day, I went back to the stores and bought 20 boxes of water.Snapped a picture, put it up on instagram and asked my followers for help. The replies filled my inbox – the response was phenomenal. Everybody wanted to be a part of this. Within a few hours I came up with the #waterblogbox concept and added the water to my online store. This would now make it very easy for people to help. Within a few hours  – 1500 litres of water was purchased via my online shop. The happiness I felt was unreal. Its almost as if my heart was smiling. More so, Because my followers (people I don’t really know) came forward and showed me such immense support.

The biggest challenge was trying to find a way to get the water from Durban to Cape Town.  I am not one to quit a challenge – After much perseverance and lots of logistics firms turning me down –  Kargo National had come forward with a plan and offered the generous use of their trucks to support my #waterblogbox project. Its been a few weeks now and Kargo National has been right beside me – Helping me every week to transport water to Cape Town.

To date I have raised over 20 000 litres of water for Cape Town via my blog. A considerable amount given that the campaign only started at the beginning of February 2018. My influence is growing daily and a few followers of my blog have come forward to assist by donating their time and resources to handling the co-ordination and water handouts to various charities in the Western Cape. Special online friends Julia Lendingham of Tangent Marketing and Ameenah Hendricks, a micro influencer are two people that stand out and have asisted me so much in so many different ways for this project. Cape Town concrete king, Ciolli Readymix, have kindly pledged the use of their trucks to get the water to the animals and people who need it most in Cape Town this week.

It really is a story of people getting together to make a plan for the greater good. I am not your average blogger, I am here to make a difference and be the change. I am quite fond of taking sand and turning it into stardust…I have done it in business and I will do it with this platform as well.

The team of volunteers are set to deliver 1200 litres of water to DARG and Baphumele on Thursday 15 March.

Both of these are local Cape Town charities in need of water. Baphumele’s vision is to provide shelter and respite to vulnerable and orphaned children with chronic diseases and HIV / Aids. As Khayelitsha is home to over 1 million people and over 14 000 orphans, the Charity does incredible work teaching skills to the unemployed, improving healthcare and alleviating poverty. The orphans, HIV patients and their families as well as the elderly and frail will greatly benefit from any access to clean drinking water made available to them.

DARG, the second charity nominated for this round of water delivery, is a local animal rescue organisation that relies heavily on any community support in order to maintain rescue animals in the local Hout Bay area. Most of DARG’s rescue animals are previously abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs.


The water that has been raised in Durban will go a long way to ensure that sick, scared and undernourished animals will have clean fresh drinking water.




On behalf of Ria Algoo and all who have donated to #Waterblogbox, we would like to invite you to join us for the handover of the water:

Date: Thursday 15 March 2018

Time: 11h00

Place: Baphumele, Z118 Dabula Street Khayelitsha






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